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  <h2>Who We Are: The Heavenly Herbals, Inc. Mission</h2>
  <h3><em>Our mission is to inspire more people to embrace a natural approach to complete family and friends wellness.</em></h3>
  <p>We deliver on our mission by following these guiding principles:</p>
  <p><strong>Ensuring Quality.</strong> We start with whole herbs, wild crafted where possible, and use the Full Spectrum method of extraction to create the most effective supplements. Our homeopathic medicines are made in cGMP-certified facilities using 100% natural ingredients. Our remedies are free of added gluten, artificial colors, flavors and preservatives, and are never tested on animals.&nbsp;</p>
  <p><strong>Building Trust.</strong> We manufacture according to the highest pharmaceutical standards, in FDA registered facilities, according to the principals of cGMP.&nbsp;</p>
  <p><strong>Providing Information &amp; Education.</strong> We educate our customers on the benefits of holistic living and the dual modality approach (using herbal and homeopathic remedies together), while providing unbiased, factual, and useful information to help you make informed decisions about your ailments and our remedies.&nbsp;</p>
  <p><strong>Offering Personalized Advice.</strong> We are committed to offering personalized answers to address your individual needs through our customer service support team, our free <strong>Ask Our Experts service.</strong>&nbsp;</p>
  <p><strong>Exceeding Customer Expectations.</strong> From our 24-hour toll-free ordering service to our <strong>30 Days Money Back Guarantee</strong>, our dedication to customer satisfaction does not end when you receive your product.&nbsp;</p>
  <p><strong>Living the Life.</strong> At home and work we participate in a hands-on approach to complete wellness, from incorporating Herbal and Homeoapthic remedies into our own daily routines to encouraging others to adopt a holistic approach to health.</p>
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